Don’t be fooled by tradition methods of advertising when recruiting staff, there are many alternitive that can save your time, cost and eliminate the pain.

Are you getting the results you expected from your jobs ads?

Advertising vacant positions in the paper or using other old methods of finding the staff you need is over rated, and it is costing you more money and time than you are aware of.

Would you like to know the real cost of recruiting your own staff?

I know you’ll be kicking yourself and you may even cry a little once you find out how much it is really costing you in money, time and the pain you could have been avoiding.

Or, maybe I am completely wrong and you are one of those businesses that like losing money, recruiting the wrong people, love dealing with the pain and headaches, and is reading this email at 10pm at night because you haven’t got enough time in the day for the important things in life.

10% of business owners will click on the link below to find out the real cost of doing your own staff recruitment, and they are already most likely to be one of our clients, succeeding in business, hiring the right people and enjoying what running a successful business really has to offer.

The choice is a simple one, click watch video or continue to be one of the 90%


So, what will you learn if you choose to watch the video

  • The most likely response you will receive from your job ad
  • An understanding of the tangible and intangible costs of recruiting
  • A step by step process that you can adopt for recruiting
  • Some of the traps to avoid when recruiting staff
  • Alternatives to finding the right people for your business
  • How to focus your attention on making the business more profitable
  • A technique to assist in working out the actual costs
  • Laughing feels much better than crying

This may be the best advice you will ever receive about staff recruitment so don’t miss the opportunity, it will pay you back in money, time and happiness.

Happy days,

Marcel McLeod
CEO – Totalfab Shared Resources